Dab Vaporizers for your Daily Dabs

Dabbing is the new modern way people are getting high! I mean, what’s better than ingesting pure THC right? When people make dabs, they are extracting the THC from the cannabis plant, which is the good stuff that gets you high.

Pure THC, that’s the stuff!

You end up with a golden resin that you can smoke! That’s where the dab vaporizers come in. However, most companies will not advertise the vaporizer as being a dab vaporizer for obvious reasons. They call it waxy oil vaporizers. Both Atmos and Grenco Science carry these type of portable vaporizers.

Don’t expect to just find dabs as easily as you find your marijuana. Most dealers will not sell dabs, but it’s quite easy to find instructions and recipes online. Just being on Instagram following hashtags like #dabs, you will see how much of a subculture there is for this product.

If you do happen to find dabs, expect it to be a lot more expensive considering it’s pure THC.

If you do get your hands on some dab, you will certainly need a vaporizer for it. The Micro G kit which comes with two batteries, coils, and mouth pieces, is the ideal kit for it.

Micro G Dab Vaporizer

Does this mean people are going to stop smoking weed? Of course not, there’s a bigger culture for cannabis than there is for dab or any other alternative of ingesting THC. And of course, without cannabis, there would be no dab.

The other way of dabbing is by using a water bong, similarly to how you smoke weed, except the wax is vaporized on a surface. So either way you are vaporizing the THC.


Dabbing is considered the absolute most effective way to ingest THC and get get high. Because of it’s high concentrate, you can actually just use a little bit of the wax to get high. To learn more about dabbing, click here.

I do not know what the dangers are from dabbing, but there has been several people reporting fainting.


Fantasia Hookah Pen

Many people are switching over to using electronic hookah pens rather than electronic cigarettes today. The vaping industry is actually even based off of the concept of e hookah which originated from the likes of Fantasia E Hookah.

vape e liquid

So all those vape mods, RDA mods, eGo, or whatever it may be, they’re used for e juice. The electronic hookah pens contain e juice the same way, the only difference is, these pens are disposable and way cheaper. In the case of Fantasia Hookah, they offer some of the most delightful and unique flavors available on the market. I mean come on, they even have the Adios Mofo which is an alcoholic beverage. The e hookah pen of course does not contain any alcohol at all.

So you might be wondering where to buy Fantasia E Hookah, and there are quite a few places where you can find them. HazyShop is a very reputable online store for e shisha and offer a great discounted price for Fantasia. On top of that, they offer coupons frequently and free shipping if you live in the United States.

Fantasia E Hookah
Fantasia E Hookah

Anyway, why are people switching over from e cigs to e hookah pens? First and foremost, e cigs contain nicotine, which does a lot of harm to your body in many ways that you probably aren’t aware of. Some of you may be trying to quit tobacco smoking and turn to liquid infused e juices as an alternative. Sure, it’s a safer alternative, but to be 100% safe, you should go completely nicotine free if you can. (Here’s a reference on the harmful effects of nicotine and a FAQ that answers a lot of questions about nicotine and it’s effect on your body: click here)

Aside from the health benefits you get, you also get the benefit of flavors! Sure, some people may prefer to buy an e cig that replicates the flavor of an actual cigarette. Then again, even for smokers, how often does a cigarette actually taste good? I mean, it may be satisfying, but taste? No way!

Fantasia e hookah pens often have a higher puff yield than most e cigs out there. I’ve tried Blu, Kings, and a few other brands. On average, the packaging will state that you can use it up to 300 puffs. That might seem like a lot, but it’ll go really fast and sometimes in less than a day. Fantasia hookah pens have a 800 puff yield, that’s more than double your average e cig for the same price and in some cases even cheaper.

So if you haven’t tried Fantasia’s e shisha pens yet, they’re inexpensive to try out and I highly recommend them.

Fantasia Disposable E Hookah
Fantasia Disposable E Hookah

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog which is going to be solely about electronic hookah pens! I seek to inform, educate, and give my intake on this subject and hope that you guys can enjoy it as much as I do writing it!

I will try to write at least monthly if not weekly. I am currently working full time, so I don’t have all the time in the world to write blog posts. I will be writing reviews on products such as Fantasia Hookah and others in the vaping industry.